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  • New York online Defensive Driving Class

    You will select this course if you would like to register for the New York Point Insurance Reduction course. Upon completion of this course you will receive a 10% reduction on your car insurance and also reduce up to 4 points on your drivers license.

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  • online Defensive Driving Class (En Español)

    Usted seleccionará este curso si desea registrarse para el curso de Reducción de Punto en su Seguro. Al finalizar este curso recibirán una reducción de 10 % en su seguro de automovil y también reducir hasta 4 puntos en su licencia de conducir.

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  • ZOOM pre-licensing 5hr class

    ZOOM pre-licensing 5hr class

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Amethyst Driving School!

Why we matter: We understand that it may be your first time behind the wheel or that you might just need to improve specific aspects of your driving. With this information, our first task then is to design a course to cater for your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an adult learning how to drive. Our team is at your service. We’ve trained people from ground zero, improved their confidence and have even had an overwhelming majority of first timers pass their DMV test successfully. Our motto is simple: we take your safety, and the safety of others, very seriously, which is why our priority is to keep you updated on road rules and equip you with skills you’ll need to be on the road on your own. All our instructors are cleared, know multiple languages and have extensive experience. We trust that our team will provide you with the best possible service tailored just for you at the right price. We offer free pick and drop to you during your training and work with a schedule which accommodates you, including weekends and holidays. Furthermore, all our cars have dual control and are insured and bonded. Thus, if you’re a parent who may not be able to squeeze time from your schedule to offer training, or if you do not have a car at your disposal which you don’t mind being scratched or totaled while training your child, and if you are looking for reliable, professional and punctual instructors, you’ve come to the right website. We offer a wide range of coverage areas in Brooklyn to suit your locality and have been offering our services for 7 years now. Our experience, achievements, course offerings and allied services speak for themselves.

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Book Defensive driving course and safe 10%

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Lessons, Courses, Packages, Road test and Cancellation Policies

Lesson Requirements

45 min
  • You MUST bring YOUR Learners Permit To every lesson
  • YOU'RE responsible for adhering to all RESTRICTIONS
  • Corrective Lenses (glasses, contacts}
  • Immigration Status
  • Hearing aids
  • Etc...
  • Cancellation of any lesson(s) should be done no less then 24 HOUR prior to the time of a lesson
  • Amethyst Driving School has the authority to charge for a full amount of service cancelled due to non-compliance of DMV licensing restriction and/or ANY lesson cancelled less then 24 hours before it's start time

Road Test Requirements

  • You must bring YOUR VALID
  • Learners Permit (correct class, not expired, valid temporary visitor dates, etc.,.)
  • 5 hour course certificate (Form MV-278) (valid for a one year)
  • Drivers Education Course Certificate (drivers ED) (Form MV-285) - if needed
  • MV-262 (Parental/Guardian consent form) - if needed (everyone under 18)
  • All Tolls are NOT included in a package or road test price
  • Cancellation of a road test should be don no less then 72 hours prior the start of the scheduled road test
  • Amethyst Driving School has the authority to charge for a forty dollars($40.00) cancellation fee for any road test canceled less than 72 hours before it's start time

6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

The Benefits of Defensive driving course is:
  • Become a safer driver
  • Save 10% on vehicle insurance liability and collisions costs for 3 years
  • You may be eligible to reduce as many as four (4) points on your driving record
  • This course is approved by TLC
  • Our NY safety program course is approved by the Department of insurance for premium and point reduction purposes and by the New York State DMV.
  • It will save you money
  • It could save your life.


Preparing Student Drivers
  • The 5-hour course is a DMV-approved, standardized pre-licensing course. Individuals who have already received their learner’s permits are eligible to take the course. However, individuals who are under the age of 18 must wait at least 6 months from the time they received their permit to sign up. Essentially, the class is an in-depth overview of knowledge that is essential on the road. Topics include:
  • Traffic Laws and Using the Highway System
  • Safe Driving Habits and Important Skills
  • Avoiding Risks and Keeping Emotions In-Check while Driving
  • The Negative Consequences of Alcohol and Drugs while Driving
  • Once you have passed the class and received your certificate, it is valid for 1 year. However, you are immediately eligible to sign up for your road test once you have successfully completed the course. When you schedule your road test, you will need the certificate number on your Form MV-278, the number on your learner’s permit, and your zip code. If you are under 18, you must wait at least six months from the date you received your learner permit to schedule road test (Will have Junior license till 18)
Lesson Requirements Road Test Requirements 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course ZOOM PRE-LICENSING 5HR CLASS

best service

We will be able to   grade you on your performance, and give you as many pointers and helpful hints we can to help you pass the road test and be ready for the big day.

Best time training

You can choose your team on weekdays after work or on weekends

We train all ages

we take into account the age of individual moments.

Individual approach

to everyone we have our own approach.

practical training for you will be happy.

Calm instructor

duplicate pedals

Cars equipped with dual brake - driver instructor always insures you.

all documents

The full package of documents at the end - you get all the documents at the end of

best classroom

Equipped classrooms - all done according to the rules and laws

  • 10 000+

    Graduates received the licenses

  • 7

    Years on the market

  • 39.500+

    Training hours

  • 7

    Number of teachers

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Staff of Amethyst Driving School

New York State-certified, our driving instructors offer classroom instruction, online courses (coming up), behind-the-wheel training, as well as rush or fast road test appointments in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Upstate and Etc.



President Instructor
It is my belief that an instructor should not only be a skilled driver but also at heart, a teacher. My personality traits such as patience, love for driving, and ability to explain the material, allows me to teach effectively.


I am a driver for over 30 years and have never had an accident for which I am very proud of. The reason for this is because as a driver I am always 3 steps ahead and can predict any movement that will occur. This allows me to be ready for any and all driving situations and to teach others to do the same.


Driving instructor
I’ve been enjoying driving a car for many years. My goal as an instructor is to teach each and every student to drive a car in a safe and easy manner, as well as to enjoy the ride. How should one go about accomplishing this goal? I have an accident-free record of driving a car in different countries, and I can attest to coaching sports champions in racing. My approach during instructional driving is based on using psychology and individual needs of each student. I will make it my personal goal to get to a successful outcome in teaching my student to drive. Another important point that I’d like to make is about safety: I want to make sure that my students know how to stay in control at all times, which actions to take to correct certain mistakes and which mistakes they can never afford to make. Best of luck on the road to everyone!!!


Hi! My name is Pavel. I have an experience more than 20 years of safe drivingin all weather conditions and all kinds of vehicles. The main key for safe driving is a knowledge, and that's what I whould like to share with our students. For their future life long Safe driving.


Defensive driving course instructor


  • How long is the road test appointment?
    Usually it takes 4-7 weeks.
  • I'm 16 years old, can I get my Driver License in NYC?
    Yes you can. your parent or guardian must sign up the form MV-262. also, New York Motor Vehicles requires at least 50 hours of supervised training of 15 hours must be night driving in order to take your Road Test. If you are under 18, you must wait at least six months from the date you received your learners permit to schedule road test. You will have Junior license till 18. Also you can take Driver's Ed course (form MV-278) to have D class
  • What is the process for getting my class D/E License?
    coming soon